5 Types of Screws for Home Repair


There are many DIY projects which you must be and might have to undertake in future for conducting various repairs at your home. The most essential component for any DIY project is a set of tools. These tools assist in carrying out the job in efficient and effective manner.

One of the essential components of this tool kit is screws. If you have ever visited a local store then there are multiple types of screws available, the relevance of all types of screws is different and thus this post is to guide you about 5 types of screws which are commonly required for home projects.

So bookmark this link and make sure you have these in your inventory so that you don’t have to run to the store every time for another set of screws!

  1. Drywall screws: They are made up of hardened steel and help in screwing the hardwoods tightly. Drywall screws have toothy threads and trumpet shaped head which makes them best for fastening many joints. They help in silencing squeak in wooden floors, replacing a punch on tiles, installation of ceiling fans and can also help in sealing the nozzle of the leaking tube! It is sharp and edgy and has strong binding which makes it one of the favourite screws for DIY projects.
  2. Masonry screws: As the name suggests, these screws help in materials that include concrete, brick and mortar and block joints. They come in Philips flat head or slotted hex washer head and are made up of stainless steel with a corrosion coating. Applications which require the head of the screw to be countersunk in the material makes use of Philips head screw whereas if the screw head has to stay on top of the material then the one with hex washer head is used.
  3. Decking screw: These screws are used to screw deck boards and are made of stainless steel. These screws make space for themselves with its sharp edges into the material and don’t really require a drilled pilot hole. These are little expensive and help in pulling out the lumber together and lock them solidly into the place.
  4. Lag screws: these are used for wood construction and landscaping. These are sturdy fasteners and thus help in connecting heavy materials that bear an intense load. They are monstrous as compared to normal screws and require an extra nut or bolt to add extra strength and security to help hold the things together.
  5. Sheet metal screws: As the name suggests, these screws are meant to be driven directly into the sheets of metal. They have sharp edges and also work with plastic, aluminium, hard rubber, fiberglass and wood. There are different types of metal sheet screws available in the market with a notched and pointed tip and different types of heads. These are sort of all-purpose screws and are must for your DIY projects!

Life is so much easier if you have right set of tools at right point of time. Screws are necessary for building a joint, hence make sure you have them in right quantity in your tool box!

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